BOW/CS: To-do-list

  • Do BOW A3 coursework
  • Add peer feedback comments and response to relevant page CS A2
  • Make adjustments to draft where necessary
  • Update where I’m at with BOW A3 planning and ideas
  • Begin writing (in note form if necessary) CS A3

It’s busy here (pre Xmas/school/work etc.) and I am feeling a little overwhelmed with everything that needs doing in order to keep on top of deadlines, as well as not losing touch with the unfolding thread. I think the hardest thing is about this – other than the difficulty of pulling apart thoughts relating to a tricky subject  – is doing two courses together. Managing time and thoughts is incredibly challenging.

Ordering of the above:

  1. Update where I am with BOW A3 planning/ideas
  2. Add peer feedback to CS A2
  3. Make adjustments to CS A2 where I can at this time
  4. Do BOW A3 coursework
  5. Begin writing CS A3 plan and 1000 word sample


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