BOW A3: Almost ready to submit

I feel the shape of this element, if not length and content, is moving along. This is like a house that is still waiting for walls and maybe a roof, or plumbing/electricity. I promised Ruth I’d submit something in another 5 days from now (at the study visit last weekend).

Since deciding on the cover I came across a post about Sophie Calle using text before photos – someone at the study visit said they thought of her when looking at my little book.

There is much to say about what I still need to do, will reshoot, rewrite (things spring out the minute I see it online) ditch/develop, how the writing might fit or not fit etc. But for now, I am just going to post it and have a think about over the next couple of days. I also know what I want to get hold of or places to go – various items/objects I might try out and see but not sure if I will be able to get some of these things and certainly not within the next five days – but I am attempting to set things up and organise.

This is No. 6 of this particular iteration. When I submit I will add JPGs of various pages/ideas I tried and ditched.

ID book 6

2 thoughts on “BOW A3: Almost ready to submit

  1. Yes to the book. If you print more copies I’d love to purchase one. There’s just the right touch of wit/humour in some of the words and images, which very gently blunts some of the essential rawness. I can imagine the ‘happenings’. Yes as well to the link with Sophie Called her text and images – thinking of “True Stories” and”The Address Book” – yet, yours are more real somehow.


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