BOW 1.1: Live audio recording of Sirens

As described in the assignment submission I introduced live voices to the recording when showing this work to the collective in London just before the summer. Some of the group bravely joined in and went for it with tremendous trust and generosity, for which I was grateful.

The track was provided by Carla. Please note it contains a silent section with lasts just over a minute in the middle.

As I mentioned before, I do think it was the sort of thing which is best experienced live and is somewhat toe-curling as a recording!


5 thoughts on “BOW 1.1: Live audio recording of Sirens

  1. Very interesting to hear the sound without the images. It is evocative of the film and well done to Emma for creating it. I’m imagining that you had many discussions through a variety of ‘takes’. Made me think as well-off image and text – they can work separately or together but, in combination, take on a life of their own.


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