“A portrait of someone’s mind might look something like a mycelial network…

Voices flow around other voices, twisting into and beside one another.”

Entangled Life, Merlin Sheldrake, 2020

This blog contains my work for two Open College of the Arts modules, Body of Work and Contextual Studies along with reflections and reviews about relevant work by others. I am currently interested in audio-visual projects which aim to explore the mediums we humans use to express ourselves and the institutions that contain them.

I have completed Digital Image and Culture (DI&C), The Art of Photography, Understanding Visual Culture, an APEL application, and Self & Other with the OCA. I work as a photographer in and around London. Visit www.sarahjanefield.co.uk for commercial work or www.sarahjanefield.com for experimental, documentary and some OCA work.

Image from an early exercise for DI&C (c)SJField2018