This blog contains my work for two Open College of the Arts modules, Body of Work and Contextual Studies along with reflections and reviews about relevant work by others. I am currently interested in audio-visual projects which aim to explore the mediums we humans use to express ourselves and the institutions that contain them.

In my Level 3 proposal, I said I wanted to continue, as I had done during Digital Image & Culture (DI&C), examining the way language functions, focusing on a variety of visual forms. Exploring whether or not it is a tyrannical shaper of individuals and societies, despite seeming less fixed due to technology than it did previously. And, that I might begin by examining the language I grew up with – the visual language of actresses and fairy tales and dramas. And I will see where it takes me.

Along with DI&C, I have completed The Art of Photography, Understanding Visual Culture, an APEL application, and Self & Other with the OCA. I work as a photographer in and around London. Visit www.sarahjanefield.co.uk for commercial work or www.sarahjanefield.com for experimental, documentary and some OCA work.

Image from an early exercise for DI&C (c)SJField2018