BOW & CS: Notes on Object Orientated Ontology (OOO)

Fellow OCA student Holly suggested looking at Graham Harmen

  • A useful counter-argument to the overwhelming direction in science to reduce everything to process/event (naive realism)
  • Two kinds of knowledge – 1 what it’s made of (physics), 2 what it does (Some modern philosophy) But problem with these – they are related. Duomining (over and undermining but never really getting the true essence of the thing) PDF of paper  –
  • Relate to New Materialism
  • Relate to Michael Fried’s writing about photography
  • See assemblages (Feminist New Realism) (Lupton 2019 – very relevant, will need to record notes/bullet points soon for CS)
  • Rhizome
  • Relate to Thing-Power (Bennet, 2010, Lupton 2019)
  • Harmen – a phenomenologist
  • Relate to Klein object relations
  • Objects relate to each other, there is some causal power – this is also key in new materialism although much else is opposing. Harmen is not a materialist. But link this to Santiago theory of cognition.
  • like new materialism humans are not better than other objects (compare this to animism)
  • Read and liked Alfred North Whitehead who is actually into the process (confusing!) but was a step forward from Heidegger
  •  And Xavier Zubiri
  • To perceive, you must enter into a relationship with another object
  • There are dormant objects which may never relate with another object (
  • Mention’s Tristian Garcia frequently
  • Doesn’t believe in matter – the world is made of substantial forms, there is no such thing as shapeless forms
  • You can’t describe the world, the best you can do is hint at what the real is
  • Does not believe in absolute knowledge, likes art because it alludes which is a better way of trying to describe the world than spelled out scientific language, believes metaphor is a better way to access the real (i.e. Zizek’s real rather than Lacan’s version)

Harmen’s philosophy is directly opposed to Donald D Hoffman’s theory about reality.



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