Artist: Christiano​ Volk, Sinking Stone

I do wish I had some money to spare right now. This is the second photobook I’ve seen this week which I’d love to be able to buy.

Cristiano Volk’s Sinking Stone, a meditation on Venice, looks great. The reviewer writes:

“…rather than showing us a seemingly satisfying totality of Venice in the form that is viewed and reproduced by tourists, Volk confronts us with many jarring fragments that often flash by as in a short but powerful dream.”


“On the artistic side, I am very pleased that in his depiction of a city Volk has gone way beyond the traditional methodology of such genres as street photography. This project is an excellent example of making a statement by presenting ambiguities; this kind of fine art requires the participation of the viewer to reflect on issues that affect us all.”Clausing, 2019

You can see more here – worth the click!

Cristiano Volk – Sinking Stone


3 thoughts on “Artist: Christiano​ Volk, Sinking Stone

  1. Really clever juxtapositions and unusual approach.

    “Cristiano’s Venice appears like a Gorgon mask, a vulgar, almost overwhelming face which behind reveals little. After all, vanus, the Latin root word for the city, means empty.” I identified with that – it has beauty yet does seem more like a stage set waiting for it’s performers, who include the tourists.


    1. Quite a lot of towns in Italy have that feeling. When I’ve visited Siena or Florence I feel they’ve been Disneyfied by the tourist industry which brings in so much money for local people but maintains things in a kind of aspic. I’ve not been to Venice but would love to. Better get a mortgage for a cup of coffee though!

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      1. Definitely if it’s going to be in the piazza. Actually we found the same thing going on down in south Brittany. Not so much the Disneyland effect but everything is becoming almost sanitised and there are so many more cars and tourists. Even so, the food and markets are still wonderful and coming back, even to Waitrose, was a bit of a culture shock.


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